Friday, 9 December 2011

knowing how someone feels - just by looking

We looked at a book on anger the other day.  We talked about what it looks like when someone is angry.  You can usually tell, just by looking, how someone feels.  For example, this person…..


has been drawn so he looks really angry.  His hands have gone into fists, his teeth are showing and he has  ‘cross’ lines like this \ / on his forehead.

Now look at this real person.


He is making an ‘angry’ face.  Can you see his \ / lines?  Look at his mouth.  His teeth aren’t showing but he still looks cross, doesn’t he, even though it is closed.  And what about his nose?  His nostrils are wide open, or ‘flared’.  His eyebrows are close together and down over his eyes.

And now, this person.  What emotion is he showing?


Look at the shape of his mouth.  Look at his eyes.  Look at his cheeks.  It’s certainly not anger is it!

Here he is again, this time showing a different emotion.  He’s still not angry – but he’s not happy either.


What differences can you spot between the two expressions he has shown us? 

And here is someone else showing the same emotion.  How are these two ‘faces’ they have made for us the same?  Can you spot any differences? 


To end with, take a look at these next photos.  How many different emotions can you spot here? 

IMG_7233 IMG_7238 IMG_7236 

Why not have a go at showing some different emotions yourself.  You could even practise in front of a mirror!

[Please note that no children were hurt during the making of this blog post.]

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