Friday, 9 December 2011

starry nights and speckled jeans

Take a shallow container of white paint…..


some black paper and a paintbrush.  Dip the brush into the paint.  Now carefully flick (madness, I know!) your finger across the bristles…..


and spray the paint in speckles all over the black paper (and preferably not all over anything else!)


Oh and the idea is not to get too much paint on your hands - oops!


OK - that’s the background done.  Next it’s scissors at the ready to cut out some rectangles.  Tall narrow ones…..


and short squat ones.  These are going to represent buildings.  Yes, that’s right Nicholas; skyscrapers.  Skyscrapers set against a starry night-time sky.

And of course as skyscrapers are not always just rectangular in shape, so if you wish you can snip away the corners to add a bit of interest to our skyline.


When you have made 5 or 6 buildings, it’s time to glue them all-in-a-row onto your speckled black background.


Finally, snippety snip, you need to cut some squares of yellow paper – for the windows.

And there you have it.  A city at night.  In fact lots of cities at night.

IMG_7291   IMG_7299

You may even be able to recognise which city.  Here we have Athens (the flag gives it away rather!)…..


New York…..

new york

Kuwait City…..

kuwait city



and Tokyo!


You will no doubt be relieved to learn that in spite of all that spraying of paint, yours truly escaped pretty much unscathed - although poor Béatrix ended up just a tiny bit speckled.  Rather like one of her hens.


Sorry, Béatrix – but it was all in a good cause!


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