Friday, 9 December 2011

when I feel angry…..

Remember this angry chap?


Well, he is so very angry that he is on the point of…..well what exactly?

How about this angry fellow? 


We all know that his anger was like a universequake!

What about you; when you feel angry, what is it like?  Is it like a rocket, exploding into space?  Or like fireworks?

IMG_7257     IMG_7265

Is it like a balloon about to pop?


Like a scary monster maybe?


Does it feel like an erupting volcano perhaps?


Or is it like a TGV train and a tree falling down and an erupting volcano (a specific volcano I’ll have you know!) all at the same time?


Anger is a normal emotion.  Everyone gets angry from time to time.  But whatever anger feels like to you, the important thing though is to learn to recognise when you are about to erupt like St Helen’s or explode like a firework so that you can try and stop the eruption or the explosion from happening.  What sorts of things have you tried to help you calm down?

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