Wednesday, 25 April 2012

at the snail gym

On Monday, Nicholas arrived in the classroom clutching a container positively crammed with snails; he had had his own snail hunt – and he had come up trumps!  The best thing was that it meant we could all have a closer look; there were enough for two snails to each table (I expect that, fast as a flash, Yanis will be able to tell you how many snails that means Nicholas had found altogether). 

Anyway, as everyone knows, snails are s-l-o-w animals; time a-plenty for observing closely and then sketching what we see.

At least you would have thought so.

But Nicholas’ snails were rather active snails.

Put one of them in a special Perspex viewing box and pretty soon he has slithered up the side…..


over the top…..


and is away across the desk…..


to see what you are up to.


Put one on the desk…..


and quick as a blink, he has slid his way up and over the side of a pencil pot…..

_MG_6029   _MG_6036   _MG_6039

and is inside investigating the pencils.

We had curious snails all over the place; up and over…..

_MG_6064   _MG_6018

and along…..


as well as taking a good look about when they had got to where they were going.


In fact, I am not quite sure who…..


was observing…..




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