Wednesday, 25 April 2012

sketching speedy snails

In spite of what anyone else might tell you, snails (at least our snails) are not slow.  Far from it.  Which ought to make observing and sketching them something of a challenge.  Not, though, for us.

_MG_6022  IMG_6084

For as you can see…..

_MG_6030  IMG_6082

from the splendid efforts here…..

_MG_6034  IMG_6087

however fast a snail might zip along…..

_MG_6029  IMG_6089  _MG_6064  IMG_6083

our pencils…..

_MG_6046  IMG_6091  _MG_6053  IMG_6086

are equal to the challenge.

_MG_6036  IMG_6085  _MG_6039  IMG_6090

Don’t you think?

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