Tuesday, 3 April 2012

who will help me tell this tale?

A few friends. 

A white crayon.  Some black paper.  Some snippety scissors. 

Maybe a  teeny bit of help with the whiskers. 

And 75 minutes.

And what do you get?


Well, not only do you get to create your very own Little Red Hen character…..

_MG_3936     _MG_3938    

you get to hide behind the window blind in the classroom (just to make sure that your puppet does actually look like a cat/hen/rat).

_MG_3941     _MG_3942     _MG_3943

And as if that wasn’t enough, you also get to duck down behind an overturned desk (gasp!) with your friends…..


to practise who says what, when.  And to giggle a bit.

And then, you proudly (and oh-so-carefully) get to carry your cats and your rats and your hens…..

IMG_3948     IMG_3949    

(by their borrowed rulers) out into the central space where Rose has kindly offered the use of her shadow puppet theatre.

And then you get to raise your arms…..


and the show…..




Who will help me tell this tale?

I will!

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