Saturday, 21 April 2012

overview for the 5th unit of inquiry - a note for parents

Unit of Inquiry Life Cycles

Transdisciplinary Theme: How the World Works

(An inquiry into the natural world and its laws)

Central Idea: ‘All living things follow a cycle of life’

Lines of Inquiry:

· The cycle of life

· How living things grow and develop

· What living things need to grow

Sample questions which will drive these inquiries:

What is a ‘cycle of life’?

How can we find out about life cycles?

What do living things need to grow well?

Sample activities:

* read non-fiction books on life cycles

* observe life cycles in nature and keep a record of observations

* investigate what living things need to thrive

Duration of unit: 6 weeks

Summative Assessments:

· show the life cycles of at least two different living things studied

· talk about what might interrupt a life cycle

Transdisciplinary skills to be emphasised:

Social skills will include accepting responsibility

Research skills will involve formulating questions, making observations over time and collecting data

Thinking skills will involve demonstrating understanding and proposing alternative solutions

Communication skills will include non-verbal communication

Self-management skills will include making informed choices

Elements of student profile/attitudes to be emphasised:

Becoming more knowledgeable and behaving responsibly, showing commitment and enthusiasm

Example of cross-curricular link:

Exploring the concept of time in maths

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