Wednesday, 4 April 2012

egg cups with a difference

If an excuse is needed, you can blame those busy red hens.  And possibly the time of year. 

Anyway, excuse or no, we got creative with egg boxes in art this week.  We made egg cups - with a difference.

We gave them curly tails by snipping long thin strips of coloured paper…..


and oh-so-cleverly curling them…..


with the aid of a (firmly closed) pair of scissors and a (brave) thumb.

These we glued into the base of one egg-sized section cut from an egg box.


Along, as you can probably see, with a pointy beak and a pair of googly eyes. 

Next a pair of brightly coloured and softly fluffy feathers was stuck, one on either side, for wings. 

_MG_3980     _MG_3981

A lump of elderly green playdoh was squished into the base to ensure that the whole wouldn’t topple over……


and as the finishing touch…..


a foil-wrapped chocolate egg was popped inside.

After all, it is an egg-cup!

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