Friday, 4 May 2012

chickens aren’t the only ones

Chickens are not the only ones that lay eggs.


We already know that snails and frogs…..

frogspawn 3 

lay eggs.  And of course we know that butterflies…..


lay eggs…..which later hatch into hungry caterpillars

But now, having just shared the book, Chickens aren’t the only ones’ (by Ruth Heller, in case you were wondering) we know too that, as well as spiders and seahorses and salamanders and squid…..snakes also lay eggs.

What better excuse, therefore, to launch right into Wednesday’s ssslippery, ssslithery art lessson!

It ssstarted with an oval, drawn in the top corner of a nice clean piece of white paper and continued with a wiggly ‘s’ shape…..


which went all the way acrosss to the corner which was diagonally opposite. 

Next, carefully, carefully, we turned the wiggly ‘s’ shape into a road, keeping the sssecond line the same distance from the firssst all the way until the two lines met in a pointy tail.  Then, as you can see, our sssnakes got ssstripes!

_MG_6557   _MG_6558   _MG_6556

Fast-forward (and yes, it was fast!) to somewhere for our ssslippery and ssslithery, ssstripy sssnakes to hide on a warm and sunny spring afternoon.

That meant a few puffy white clouds in an otherwise blue sky…..

_MG_6559   _MG_6561

and some long blades of soft green grass…..

_MG_6564   _MG_6568   _MG_6567

(speedily snipped and glued) waving gently in the breeze.


What do you mean you can’t see the snakes?  They must have coiled themselves into a secret well-hidden spot while we worked.  But keep your eyes open - you never know…..

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