Monday, 7 May 2012


It’s Monday 7th May and the caterpillars have been doing their thing.  Look!

_MG_6705     _MG_6708

As Maddie wrote…..


‘One of the caterpillars was hanging upside down like a J.’ 

Do you see what she means?  One of the caterpillars is hanging by its ‘tail’ from the lid, its head curled round – so that it does indeed look like the letter J. 


And the other caterpillars, as Anusha pointed out, were, ‘walking around the roof.’

Of course that sparked a lot of questions.

Mélina, for example, asked, ‘How many days are they going to be here?’ and Yanis, like lots of us, wondered, ‘When are the caterpillars going to be a butterfly?’

As I have written before…..we’ll just have to wait and see!

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