Sunday, 20 May 2012

why did the butterfly?

Following a bit of serious online research into what butterflies (both home-grown ones…..

and the more exotic) look like…..

as well as some individual research using classroom books…..


into how, in particular, butterflies have both sides the same (that’s called ‘symmetry’ as Maddie reminded us) we thought we should maybe have a go at drawing and then painting our very own (as-anatomically-correct-as-possible, but quite iNdiVidUaLLy patterned) symmetrical butterflies.

To which end, we started with an oil-pastel lozenge shape; long and thin, right down the middle of a piece of A3 paper.


(You can maybe see how we found the middle?)  Next we added two curved antennae…..


followed by wings in two parts; a larger upper part and a somewhat smaller bottom bit.


After which we drew a pattern on the wings which was the same on both sides.  Or as close to the same as we could manage!


Next we used bright watercolour paints to decorate them – again making sure that both sides…..


were the same.

_MG_7470   _MG_7473

A fine paintbrush and a delicate touch (as befits a butterfly) was the order of the day. 


Once butterflies had been completed, a background of a contrasting pale colour was added.  The dirty water from washing paintbrushes seemed perfect!


And here now…..

IMG_7475   IMG_7476

we have…..

IMG_7477   IMG_7481

a positive rabble…..

IMG_7479   IMG_7482

of the most beautiful brightly-coloured symmetrical butterflies!  Glorious against their contrasting pale dirty-water backgrounds!

Ain’t they just wonderful?

PS  And yes, rabble really is the collective noun for a group of butterflies. 

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