Thursday, 31 May 2012

positively eye-popping!

Having driven frequently, during the past couple of weeks, past an utterly amazing sight…..


(a field of blue [cornflowers] and red [poppies] which stretched almost as far as the eye could see)…..


I was finally inspired on my way home yesterday, to park my car at the roadside, grab my camera and click away furiously for the next (at least!) twenty minutes. Cornflowers…..


in glorious combination with poppies.


I must already have had the sight bouncing about in my subconscious, because part-way through our (third!) butterfly extravaganza that morning, I had decided that we should maybe continue our wet/dry investigation by putting some fat blobs of drippy wet paint (in one of our three primary colours) onto some (not-quite-so-expensive-but nevertheless-it’s-good-quality) dry paper…..


before holding it up (but very decidedly over a piece of paper towel to catch the drips)…..


and watching to see what happens.


See how the paint dribbles down to the bottom of the page?  Like stems of delicate, leggy meadow flowers.

I am thinking poppies maybe; or cornflowersSunflowers  even!

Poppies (or cornflowers or even sunflowers) that would look just fabulous on a back- (and partly fore-) ground of speckles…..


(remember how to do that; with a deft, careful…..

_MG_8650  _MG_8653  _MG_8651

flick of the paintbrush).

And now, with some chalk pastels (yet another different medium to try out)…..


let’s add centres to our flowers…..


petals too if you’d like. 

Finally, I offer you a field of poppies…..

IMG_8694  IMG_8695  IMG_8699

and some sunflowers; summer clearly already being here…..

IMG_8698  IMG_8693  IMG_8703

(and even more sunny sunflowers…..

IMG_8697  IMG_8700

plus a few poppies to finish up with).

IMG_8701  IMG_8702

Ah yes; now I know why I stopped the car!

cross pollination

Positively eye-popping!

(PS A bit of cross-pollination going on here!)

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