Sunday, 27 May 2012

a taste of freedom

As you can probably see from the photo…..


Wednesday dawned bright and sunny.  And by mid-morning we’d decided that it was warm enough for us to send our butterflies off into the big wide world.

Although of course, they had become used to the safety of their ‘net’ and had to be gently coaxed out.  As Nicholas reminded us, butterflies’ wings are covered with a special dust that helps them to fly; we would have to be very careful not to touch the wings as this could remove some of that dust.

Béatrix carefully slipped her hand inside the net and scooped up painted lady number one.  It sat on her hand for a few moments…..


before launching itself high, high into the sky.

We wondered what he would do next; if you were a butterfly where would you go if you had just been given your freedom and what would you do there?

IMG_8301   IMG_8302   itaru

Flowers, understandably, featured in most people’s predictions.

Out came the next butterfly and he did the same.  He sat for a few moments…..


tried out a different hand for size…..


and he too took off, soaring up towards the treetops; we soon lost sight of him.


Perhaps, thought Tanisha, the types of flowers he was looking for grew elsewhere and were not the kinds we have in our garden.


Finally, when all five butterflies were safely up and away, and before our necks became permanently cricked with all that looking up, we headed back to the classroom.


What an amazing morning it had been!

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