Sunday, 27 May 2012

symmetry by design

Remember these?  Well, this week in art, we had a cunning plan to make sure that our butterflies really would be symmetrical.  Do you want to find out how we did it?

Take a piece of paper.  Carefully, fold it…..


in half, making sure that the edges meet exactly.  Squish the folded edge so it is nice and sharp.


And then open it out again.  Because, experts that you now are, you are going to draw another butterfly.

Or to be more precise, you are going to draw half  a butterfly (remember, half a body, one antenna and just one of a pair of wings).  When you have done that, refold the two halves of paper together again - and rub like billy-o (a little bit like we did with the spoons when we made these pictures). 


As you rub, your fist - and then the oil pastel crayon, will get warm and sticky – and the melted part with transfer to the other half of the paper.

See what I mean?


You should be able to see the faint outline of the other (perfectly symmetrical) half of your butterfly.

_MG_8195   _MG_8196

You might need to trace over those faint lines to make them easier to see.

And then it’s out with the paints again.

_MG_8201   _MG_8206

Making sure, of course, that the paint…..

_MG_8202   _MG_8205

on both halves…..

_MG_8207   _MG_8208


_MG_8209  _MG_8212

(PS And yes, Ayesha did manage to finish her amazingly intricate butterfly…..


with perfect symmetry!)


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