Wednesday, 6 June 2012

what are these plants?

Ella brought a pot of tiny plants to show us on Monday.


She told us that she grew them from seeds.  Which came in a packet.

We looked closely at them. 


At the moment they are seedlings (that means ‘baby’ plants; they have just begun to grow after the seeds that Ella planted sprouted or ‘germinated’).

But, ‘they’ll be flowers,’ she said confidently.

We wondered what kind of flowers; but Ella wasn’t sure.

Well, how could she find out?

Bianca’s hand was up like a rocket.  ‘Ella could check on the cover of the packet,’ she suggested.  Clearly Bianca too has grown plants from seeds!

And yes, that would work - if the packet was still around.  But what if there was no packet to look at; what then?

This time it was Ella who came up trumps.  ‘Let them grow,’ she said.

Of course!  Because as long as seedlings are properly taken care of, soon they will be mature (or ‘grown-up’) plants.  Which will then have flowers.  And then you’ll know.

In the meantime … we wait!

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