Thursday, 7 June 2012


Following on from the success of our positively eye-popping painted poppies…..

(which now grace the classroom windows; note special permission sought from on high) I thought it might be nice to have a go at making some more, this time using different materials and a different method.  Instead of painting with dribbly watercolour paint, we would use torn atishoo paper in pinks and reds and oranges and do any ‘painting’ with dribbly glue.

First we had to tear the paper (no easy task, I must say*) into fifteen or twenty similarly-sized round(ish) pieces.




that’s about the right size.  Save them in nice neat piles.


Or not.


When you have the right number, place one on your paper and paint some glue (we mixed ours with a bit of water to make it a bit more runny)…..


all over it.  Then carefully overlap that piece with another, to which you’ll add more glue.


Then add another and another.


Until you get back round…..


to where you started.


And then you can make another one.


It doesn’t matter if the atishoo paper gets all wrinkly; in fact it’s good if it does…..

IMG_9066   IMG_9069

as it will make your poppies…..

IMG_9070   IMG_9067 

all the more life-like.


PS Look out for the finishing touches once the dribbly glue has dried.

PPS Bien Béatrix; seulement 20 minutes hein?  Même après beaucoup d'aide* pour déchirer…..

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