Thursday, 7 June 2012

on labelling a plant

We focused during Tuesday, having done some observation of real ones, on plants.  In particular plants with flowers.  We carefully sketched one of our own so that the different parts were clearly visible.

We labelled the roots…..


the stem…..


a leaf…..


and a flower.


It didn’t matter if our plant was not recognisably a ‘real’ one; it was the parts and their labels that were important here.

IMG_9036   IMG_9037   IMG_9038

And do you see what else was important?

IMG_9039   IMG_9040   IMG_9041

A 6-legged visitor.


To do its bit…..

bee crop

in the plant’s life cycle.


Which will ensure that the cycle carries on going round…..


and round.


And round.

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