Thursday, 21 June 2012

just because

Just because I felt in need of a bit of a clear-out.

Just because I happened to find some long-forgotten treasures.

Just because.

Sometimes no excuse is needed for just having fun.

And that’s what we did in art on Wednesday. 

A sheet of colourful card.  A smaller sheet of corrugated card in a contrasting colour.  Some scissors.  And some glue.

A nod to the odd geometric shape … and we were off.













And adding finishing touches.


Then finally…..

_MG_9800  _MG_9801  _MG_9802  _MG_9810

we have…..

_MG_9804  _MG_9805  _MG_9812

a parade…..

_MG_9817  _MG_9814  _MG_9818

to be proud of.


Just because.


With special thanks to a mummy and a grandma, who just happened to be passing as we were at our most sticky.

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