Sunday, 17 June 2012

some more summing up

In spite of the fact that ‘our’ tadpoles have still not sprouted any legs (at any rate when last we checked they hadn’t) we are pretty sure that they will do so during the next stage of the cycle which will see them become a tiny froglet and then a full-grown adult frog. 

We know that the female frog lays her eggs in a pond.


We know that the eggs hatch into tadpoles with wiggly tails.


We know that the tadpoles grow legs, lose their tails and become tiny froglets…..


(even though ‘ours’ haven’t obliged so far)…..


and we know that (all being well) each froglet keeps on growing until it is an adult frog.


We know that if she is a female frog she lays her eggs in a pond.


Her eggs will hatch into tadpoles with wiggly tails.


These will (eventually) grow legs…..


and lose their tails to become tiny froglets…..


each of which (all being well) which will grow…..


(and grow) into an adult frog.


And the female frogs will lay their eggs in a pond.


And so the cycle of life goes on.  And on.

Now - if you were lucky enough to have a splendid set of models like ours…..


how would you arrange them to show what you know about the life cycle of a frog?

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