Thursday, 21 June 2012

not just any old tadpoles

A healthy walk was the order of the day on Monday - such a beautiful day it was that we just had to get out of the classroom and into it!  Not just any old walk of course - we had life cycles to check up on.

First stop the pond - surely those tadpoles would have sprouted legs by now …

Something had certainly sprouted legs, and even as I approached the pond to look for myself, my ears were assailed by the squawks and squeaks of 6 year-old excitability.  “Legs, legs!” the cry.

But look closely …


and the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that these (yes) leg-sporting tadpoles are rather different in shape (being much longer and narrower) from frog tadpoles.  Seems many of the tadpoles in the pond were salamander (or possibly newt; the jury is out on that one) tadpoles.  Which, thinking about it…..

sally the newt

isn’t all that surprising.

Our froggy tadpoles are still very much that though, although I do feel we have just about confirmed the universal presence of (albeit still rather tiny) back ones.  Who knew they took so LONG about it??


But there was more for us to be squeaky about.  Dragonflies (now there’s an interesting life cycle to find out about when you have a moment!) and damsel flies…..


also flitted about enticingly - but a bit too quickly for me (hence this photo of one from my files!) or anyone else (and believe me we tried!) to catch.  Bees too…..


(“A bee!  A bee!”) were doing their insectly duty, visiting the newly-opened water lilies.

Water lilies eh.  Plants that positively thrive on being waterlogged (something that not all plants do of course - and of which, more later).

But for now, we have to drag ourselves away - we have seeds to check up on.

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