Thursday, 21 June 2012

such sweet sweet peas

Remember our special (eek - expensive!) watercolour paper?  On which we painted those bee-autiful watercolour butterflies that we were so very proud of?


Well, it just so happens that we have some left.  We also have some bee-autiful red and pink and purple sweet peas.


Aren’t they lovely?

What more relaxing way to spend half an hour on a hot sticky day than with a sheet of special (eek - expensive!) watercolour paper, a jam jar of water, some watercolour paints and a paintbrush.

Remember how it works?   How we paint the paper first with water…..


and then, using wet watercolour paint, we allow the paints to mix themselves (on the paper - rather than in the palette).


See how a drop of white…..


transforms the centre bloom.


See how a dab of red…..


or purple…..


or maybe a touch of white…..


swirls into the most bee-autiful patterns…..


as they mix with the colours already there.

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