Thursday, 22 March 2012

and I always thought it was THREE blind mice

Once upon a time, as all good stories begin, there were seven blind mice.  Seven mind you – not three.

One day they were surprised to find a strange ‘something’ near the pond.

‘What is it?’ they all cried.

On Monday, the red mouse went to see if she could find out.


“It’s a pillar,” she said.

‘Ooh, ooh, ooh - I know a story like that!’ we all cried.

‘It’s a bit like the six blind men and the elephant,’ Tanisha explained.

On Tuesday, the green mouse went to see if he could find out.


‘It’s a snake,’ he said when he got home again.

‘No,’ said yellow mouse on Wednesday. 


‘It’s a spear.’

‘There’s things that are different but it’s still the same story,’ observed Melchior.

The 4th mouse to see if he could find out was purple mouse.  He went on Thursday.


‘It’s a great cliff,’ he told the others when he got home.

Orange mouse went on Friday.


‘It’s a fan,’ she said.  ‘I felt it move.’

The 6th mouse to go was blue mouse.  He went on Saturday.


‘It’s just a rope,’ he said.

Of course the others didn’t agree.  They began to argue.  Until on Sunday, white mouse went to the pond.  She was a far better thinker than all the other mice put together.  She ran up one side and down the other.  She ran across the top from end to end.


‘Ah,’ she said.  ‘Now I see.  The different parts of the ‘something’ are like all of those things.  But all together they make…..


an elephant.  Of course!


And as Ella pointed out, ‘they found out at the end that they were all a bit right.’   Just like in the other version of the story.

(The original story of the Seven Blind Mice is by Ed Young)

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