Thursday, 29 March 2012

can’t sleep?

When I cannot sleep, I lie in bed with my eyes tightly closed and I count sheep jumping over a fence.  Now, I am not sure how it works, but I don’t usually manage to get more than a dozen woolly jumpers over the fence before I am in the land of zzzzz.

But take Dara.  Dara is a little bit different.  When she cannot sleep one night, her long-suffering dad suggests that she too tries counting sheep.  But she doesn’t want to do that.  Dara doesn’t much like sheep.  But she does like cows.

And perhaps knowing about these cows she is prepared to have a go at getting her cow to jump a fence.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, but Dara’s cow is just a tiny bit stubborn.  A tiny bit like Dara herself, dare I admit it.

And Dara’s cow will do almost anything to avoid eventually having to take that leap of faith.

Dara’s cow lies down and counts clouds…..

IMG_3869     IMG_3876

she does a little dance…..


and she bends down to pick flowers…..

IMG_3877     IMG_3874     IMG_3868

with which to decorate her hat!

Next she runs (no, not towards the fence!) to the tub, where she takes a bath.  A bubble bath!


And then of course, being rather wet, she has to have a bit if a swing…..

dara's cow is getting water off     IMG_3870

in order to shake the water off.

Finally Dara’s cow reaches the fence.  And stops.  To have a little look to make sure it is absolutely safe to jump.


And.  Then.  She.  Jumps.

By which time, of course, someone is fast asleep.

(and wouldn’t you just know it; it isn’t Dara!)

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