Thursday, 1 March 2012

learning from our classmates

Our reading buddies were otherwise occupied this week – parents in for a celebration of learning.  So instead, we decided we would use our listening skills and read and learn with a classmate.

We took turns at reading…..

_MG_2296     _MG_2301

and at listening.

_MG_2304     _MG_2315

We followed the text carefully…..

_MG_2311     _MG_2297

and helped out with tricky words.  And afterwards, some of us asked if we could use a whiteboard to make a comment about how our partner read.

‘I like the way you read the book because it was very difficult,’ wrote Alexis.

And Ella wrote, ‘I liked it when you read.  Good boy!’

Lakeisha wrote, ‘I like it when you read.  I like it when you show the pictures.’

‘Nice reading,’ wrote Anusha.  ‘It was good!’

And so it was!

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