Thursday, 1 March 2012

upside-down and back-to-front

Béatrix and I read an interesting story on Tuesday.  It was an upside-down back-to-front story.  Called The Tunnel (or Le Tunnel, depending on which way up you held the book.) 

It was an upside-down back-to-front story about two moles who lived one on either side of the English Channel.  There was Pierre the French mole and Marcus the English mole.  The book was written in both English and French – and when we got to the middle of the book, we had to turn it round and read it in the opposite direction!

Marcus wanted to see his French cousin so he wrote him a letter.  He put it into a bottle and threw it into the sea.


He decided to dig a hole to see his friend.


Meanwhile, on the French side, Pierre was doing the same thing.  A machine helped him dig the hole.


The calculations were very tricky because of course the two tunnels had to meet in the middle.  Pierre printed out a piece of paper.


On the way, Pierre met some sea monsters.  They wouldn’t let him pass.


So Pierre decided to play a game of pétanque with them.


Pierre was the winner and so was allowed to go past them.  Marcus too had sea monster troubles but he too defeated them (at darts rather than pétanque, of course) and he too was allowed to continue with his tunnelling.

I expect you can guess what happened in the end. 

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