Thursday, 22 March 2012

bears in caves

Once upon a time, there were some bears.  It could have been five.  It could have been six.  It could have been seven or eight or even nine!  The thing is, however many it was (and you must decide that before you start) some of them hid in a cave.  Which meant that only some of them were able to be seen. 

It’s a game as well as a story.  First you choose how many bears you want to play with.  And then you ‘hide’ some of them in their ‘cave’.  Without your partner seeing how many you hid.


Next, show your partner the bears that aren’t in the cave.


He or she then has to say not only how many they think are hiding, but also how they know.

Then of course you switch, so that your partner gets to hide some bears.


Without you seeing how many they hid.  And then you have to say not only how many you think are hiding but also how you know.


How do you know?

_MG_3476     _MG_3486     _MG_3491

And now here’s one for you to try at home. 

Once upon a time there were 8 bears. 


It was a cold winter and some of them decided to hibernate in a cosy warm cave.  But unfortunately 3 of the bears (a mummy bear, a daddy bear and a baby bear) did not fit in the cave (and so, as you might have guessed, they trotted off together to a house in the woods, near to where a golden-haired porridge-loving little girl lived - but that’s another story of course!)  How many bears were there in the cave?  How do you know?

And what on earth happened to those other three bears?

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