Thursday, 1 March 2012

in pairs

Mittens of course usually come in pairs.  Unless they get lost!

So having designed some nice bright patterned SINGLE ones we decided that maybe we should have a go at making pairs.  Identical pairs.

Using four colours…..


we painted stripes of green


and red, yellow and blue.

_MG_2190     _MG_2192

Onto ONE mitten template.

Hmm.  I thought you said pairs.

Well, fold the paper in half and rub it well…..


and then peel the two halves apart.


Peek at what it looks like…..

_MG_2193     _MG_2194

and carry on painting and folding.  Finally, when the paint is dry, fold the two halves together again and cut round the line of the template – and you will get two identical mittens. 

A matching pair.


Lots of matching pairs.

IMG_2373 IMG_2375 IMG_2376

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