Thursday, 29 March 2012

there’s spring in the air

I think it must be something to do with the clocks going forward.  But whatever it is, it feels as though summer must be just around the corner.  Spring is definitely in the air.

How do we know?

Well, in 1b we know the answer.  And we can prove it!

You see, as Tanisha pointed out, seeing flowers is a sign of spring.  And, as Takomerwa added, the new leaves come onto the trees. 

Melchior also mentioned that the worms would come back.  I am not quite sure where from, but the warmth of the soil would surely make them a little less sluggish.  Or is that slugs that do that?

Now then, let’s go into the garden and first of all see what signs of spring we can spot.

Well, you can imagine, can’t you!

Actually, the first sign we found was this one.


And indeed it is a sign.  Not necessarily one of spring though!

But flowers there were in profusion.

Lots of these…..

_MG_3889  _MG_3890  _MG_3913

some of these…..

_MG_3908  _MG_3894  _MG_3895 

and even a few of these.


When we looked even more closely, we spotted some of these…..and some of these.

_MG_3892  _MG_3897

Tiny leaves were unfurling too.  We even found some red ones!


No worms though – but maybe that was because they were tucked safely out of the way; for we had been put in charge of some of these…..


and some of these…..


and even a few of these…..


(having been reminded how to carry them safely)


in order to dispatch the profusion of weeds…..

_MG_3910  _MG_3904  _MG_3902

that also seem to have sprouted in our long absence.

Not to mention a yellow or a pink one of these…..

_MG_3900  _MG_3905

or one of these……


with the help of which we removed  the dead leaves that had somehow escaped Momo’s leaf blower!

You can probably imagine that we managed to fill a couple of these…..


after all our hard work.

Probably no need that night for anyone to count sheep or even cows.

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