Thursday, 13 October 2011

a few minutes with a soft sketching pencil, some cream cartridge paper - and a handful of stolen leaves

Back to our composting adventures.  And I have something to admit.  We didn’t put all the leaves onto the compost heap.  We kept a few!


You see, not all of them were brown and crisp and - well - dead.  Some of them were vibrant greens and vivid yellows.  And such beautiful pointy shapes.  Perfect, in fact, for sketching.

We only had a few quiet minutes, but just look at what we managed with a soft sketching pencil and some cream cartridge paper.

_MG_4375     _MG_4379

_MG_4380     _MG_4383

_MG_4384     _MG_4385

Not bad, eh?

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