Sunday, 9 October 2011

on sorting buttons

Remember all those fiddly buttons and how good we all were at doing them up?  Well, we have a huge tub full of BIG colourful buttons to investigate today.  We have red ones and purple ones, green ones and orange ones.  We have star-shaped ones and flower-shaped ones, triangular ones and ovals.


So grab a handful of colourful buttons; go on – a nice BIG handful.  Grab a friend too – you will be working with a partner.  Take a bit of time to look at the buttons.  Your job is to sort them out.  You can sort them any way you like.  I wonder; how many different ways can you find?


Maybe you can sort them by colour.

_MG_3957     _MG_3962

Maybe you can sort them by shape.

_MG_3944     _MG_3958     _MG_3951

Maybe you can do some counting to find other ways of sorting them.  Have you noticed the holes?

_MG_3965     _MG_3952

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