Monday, 24 October 2011

who helps us in our school - part 2

If you had a problem in your school, where or who would you go to to get it solved? 

Well of course it depends on the problem.  In our school, you would probably not go to the principal if you fell over and grazed your knee.  Nor would you go to someone in service technique if you wanted to borrow a book.  But if you wanted to ring the bell at the end of break…..


you would almost certainly ask one of the assistants on duty outside.  And if you were still a little peckish after lunch, then Robert the chef…..


is your man.

On Wednesday, we worked in a small group with a couple of friends to solve a problem that had been set for us.  Once we had decided what we would do, we acted it out for the rest of the class.  We got to use one key ‘prop’ or ‘tool of the trade’ to help us.

Lakeisha, Yanis and Bianca have a tricky problem to think about.  Something that has happened to more than one of us before.  Imagine.  You go to the bathroom, flick on the light switch and - nothing!  What to do?  It’s pretty scary in the dark with the door closed.  Well of course they chose to report their problem to Momo.  Who with the help of a screwdriver (?!) would be able to change the light bulb.


Meanwhile, Emily and Hiromi and Tanisha have the painful problem of children running round outside until – whoops – one of them tumbles over.  Emily it was who acted the fallen, tearful one; Hiromi her caring friend who helped her hobble inside to the nurse.  And Tanisha, equally caring as the nurse who mopped up tears and blood (!) and applied a virtual band aid (from her real first aid kit)…..


to the the (thankfully pretend) wound.  Problem solved.

Ayesha, Nicholas and Tim have a lost playtime ball.  Has this ever happened to you?  An exciting game of football, an erratic kick – and the ball goes flying up and away, onto the roof and out of sight.  Game over?  No, because never fear, Momo is a whizz at getting up there and retrieving them.  You just have to find him (he’s quite possibly busy with his screwdriver changing light bulbs!) and then, when he has a moment, he’ll throw it (and all the other balls that have ended up there) back down to you.  Thank you Momo (or Tim, as it was this time).

Well, as if we actually need to keep Momo busy, here is another little problem for him to help us with.  Yousouf, Joseph and Mélina worked together on this scenario.  Downstairs in the gym they are.  Wanting to play with the koosh balls.  Only someone has locked the cupboard and the key is nowhere to be found.  So Joseph trots off purposefully, with Mélina at his side, to find Momo, played this time by Yousouf.  Who parts with his spare key rather reluctantly and not without this stern warning; ‘Take care of it and bring it back.’  Joseph duly vows to do so – and once he has opened the door, the key is returned as promised.

Ella, Alexis and Anusha have a messy problem to deal with.  A lunchtime spill. 


Who would you go to to help with this one?  They opted to find Fatoush, the cleaner, ably played by  Anousha.  An efficient swirl round with her brush and the floor is as good as new.  Off she goes, with a smile and Alexis’ thanks ringing in her ears.

Finally something a little bit different for Youssef, Melchior and Luna.  A prospective year 1 parent calls the school, wanting to be shown around.  Luna, acting the secretary, answers her phone and agrees a time to give them her famous tour of the school.  Dad Melchior, along with his son Youssef arrive on time and are shown round. 


The highlight of this particular tour is naturally 1b’s classroom.

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