Thursday, 13 October 2011

sailing the high seas

Remember those waves we made last week?  Those soapy, salty, wavy waves?  Well, I reckon such a splendid sea needs a few bob-about sailing boats.  A few scudding clouds in the sky.  Don’t you?

Bowls of drippy glue…..


were placed on tables.  Along with pads of cotton wool, which needed to be teased apart and fluffed up…..


dabbed with glue…..


and stuck fast as clouds in the brooding sky.


More drippy glue needed to be spread ( c a r e f u l l y )…..

_MG_4372     _MG_4362

onto patterned sails…..

_MG_4363     _MG_4374

and curved wooden hulls. 

_MG_4364     _MG_4360

And stuck onto the wild and stormy seas.


Or the still calm waters. 


Why not pop to the classroom and sail the high seas with us.  Don’t forget to pack your sou’wester and your oilskins though.  Just in case!

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