Thursday, 13 October 2011

who else helps us in our school?

After we had interviewed Béatrix to find out the sorts of things that assistants do in our school we decided we would ask Helga the same question.  Helga is the school nurse. 


What, we wondered, does a nurse do in our school.

And this is what we found out.

Helga answers the phone,’ wrote Lakeisha.  In fact, Helga has all the telephone numbers of all the mummies and daddies, just in case she has to call them.

Emily did a drawing of Helga’s room, with its sofa, the books, the teddies, her telephone (for phoning all those mummies and daddies) and her plasters.


Melchior wrote that ‘Helga helps people when they get hurt.’

Bianca remembered this too.  ‘She helps when we get hurt.’


Joseph knows all too well.  He has been to the nurse before.


Helga helps’, he confirmed.

Melina shared this detail.  ‘Helga touches to see if they are warm.’  And if someone has a temperature, Helga will call and ask their mummy or their daddy to come and collect them.  She has ice packs and creams for bumps and bruises as well as her plasters.

Tanisha remembered something else too. ‘Helga is the bus helper’, she said.  Yes, she is also in charge of making sure no-one gets lost.  She helps people to go to the right place.

Helpful Helga!

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