Monday, 24 October 2011

more bulbs to plant - but where?

We have another problem.  Not a BIG problem, but a problem all the same.  You see, these packs of spring bulbs…..


arrived the other day.  And they will need to be planted.  The question is, where?  Where should we plant them?

‘‘We could plant them in the garden,’ suggests Nicholas, ‘where we planted the bulbs last time.’  What a great idea!

But how do we know exactly where we planted those other bulbs?  If we try and dig a hole for a new bulb, we might accidentally stab one of the old ones.  And that wouldn’t do, would it!

Melchior thinks he has the answer.  ‘We could wait until the other bulbs grow and then we would know where they are.’

And yes, we could – but in fact I think these bulbs need to be planted pretty soon; we can’t really wait all that time for the other ones to grow.

Yanis has a suggestion.  ‘We could ask Momo and Tafi to help,’ he suggests.  He remembers, you see, that the job description of a Service Technique includes ‘gardening’.  But would they know whereabouts all of those bulbs everyone planted are? 

Ella is quick to offer her idea. ‘We could get some cups and put soil in them and we could plant them in there.’ Well that too sounds like a great idea doesn’t it!  And do you know?  I think we might just do that!  All we need is a few flower pots…..

And a bit of a wait for spring.


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