Thursday, 13 October 2011

how a bit-of-a-problem turned into the perfect learning experience

So.  I was sitting in my classroom early on Monday morning.  There was a hesitant tap at the door, and who should appear but Momo; our ‘do-it-all’ service technique.  He beckoned, ominously.  Oh-oh.  Now what? 

He pointed.

Oh dear.  Oh my goodness.  Hmm.  Yes.  I see.

An hour or so later.  Alexis is hopping.  Can’t find one of his shoes you see.  But never mind that.  Sit down.  Listen.  This is  s e r i o u s !

We have us a bit-of-a-problem.  The bit-of-a-problem is that the cleaner was unable to do her job.  She was unable to do the cleaning.

Nicholas.  Concerned.  ‘Maybe she is sick’, he suggests.

Tim thinks she might just be too tired.  Or in need of lunch.

No.  She is fine.  But still she can’t do her job.

‘Is it too difficult for her?’ asks Melchior.

Well.  Kind of.

‘Is it too dirty?’ wonders Ella.

Well.  Kind of.  You see, she can only do the cleaning if the school is TIDY. 

Melchior thinks.  ‘Maybe because something was on the floor?’ he wonders.

Did you say something Melchior?  Or some things?


Look at that HUGE pile of things.  That was what Momo was pointing at.  All-of-those-things were on the floor.  There were jackets-and-sweaters-and-boots.  A book.  Someone’s snack (already on its way to becoming compost!) and a cookie wrapper.  And some cheese.  One shoe…..

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

All-of-those-things-on-the-floor were stopping the cleaner from doing her job.  And of course when I had gathered up all-of-those-things-from-the-floor there was dust and there was mud left behind.  There were crumbs and there was sand.  Quite a lot of dust-and-mud-and-crumbs-and-sand - although that was just dust-and-mud-and-crumbs-and-sand from a day or so.  Can you just imagine how dirty the school would get if no-one bothered to pick up their things from the floor EVER?  If there was dust-and-mud-and-crumbs-and-sand from a whole week?  A month?

What is our responsibility do you think?  Do you think that maybe we should each be responsible for checking to make sure that our own things do not get left on the floor?  Do you think that maybe we should each be responsible for throwing our own rubbish in the bin?  Do you think that maybe we should each be responsible for putting back the books we have borrowed?

Yes.  I do too.

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