Thursday, 13 October 2011

a morning of learning from our friends

Talking of cleaners.  Melchior and Nicholas decided they wanted to interview Fatush, one of the two cleaners in our school.  After we had told her how sorry we were about having left all those things on the floor…..they asked her what things she did in her job.  And this is what they told us she’d said.

Nicholas started.  ‘She cleans the floor with her mop and she has a vacuum cleaner.  She vacuums up the dust.’  When she can get at the floor, that is!  But hopefully we have fixed that little problem…..


Melchior adds that, ‘If somebody by accident puts their shoes on the carpet, she can clean it.  She also cleans the toilets.’  Big job, that.

Alexis, Ella and Bianca wanted to interview the librarian in our school.  They took notes!  This is what they found out.

Alexis told us that, ‘She reads books!’

Ella remembered a LOT.  ‘She scans books.  It means,’ she explained, ‘so the library knows you’ve brought it back.’  Also, ‘She chooses books.  They come from a bookshop and they get delivered.’

Later, while we were out making compost, who should happen to walk by but Momo.  50% of the service technique team.  Quick-as-a-flash Melchior and Tanisha were at his side.  Momo looked at his watch.  A busy man, is he.  But he could spare us maybe thirty precious seconds to tell us about just a few of the jobs he does in our school.  The rest of us gathered round, rakes in ‘safe-mode’ with tines pointing downwards.  Quick-fire answers and off he went again.  Busy busy.

Back in the classroom we recalled that he helps with the electricity.  He also does the gardening.  When something is broken he can come and fix it, and, perish the thought, when there’s a bigger problem he calls someone else to get it fixed.  Just scratching the surface, we were, but a good haul nevertheless.

And then it was lunchtime.  Spaghetti.

_MG_4232     _MG_4234

_MG_4235     _MG_4236

And lunchtime of course means Robert.  Robert the chef.  And Nicholas, with his keen interest in all things food, decided between forks-full, that he should probably check out some of the things that a chef does in our school.  And once he had had his seconds and his fruit salad he set about the serious task of finding out just what it is a chef does.

And this is what he told us.  ‘He calls the man from the truck (who) delivers the food and he brings up the food to all the classes and he puts some on the table and when someone wants more – he gives them some.’

Seconds anyone?

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