Friday, 7 October 2011

making waves

Three different techniques in art this week.  All using shades of blue water colour. 


With the emphasis on water.  Because, you see, we have great plans for a seascape.  Like a landscape, only wetter.

Can you show me with your hand what waves look like?  Yes, they un-du-late; they go up and down.  They un-du-late just a little when the weather is calm and they un-du-late a lot when it is stormy

First you could take a white oil pastel crayon…..


and when you have decided whether you want calm or stormy draw your waves (un-du-la-tions) on the paper;


they might be a bit difficult to see, but that doesn’t matter!  Because, like magic, when you brush over them with your blue water colour, look what happens!


Making waves version 1!

And now for version 2.  This time you need to take a perfectly good bar of soap (what???) and rub and rub and rub at it with a wet paintbrush until you have lots of lovely bubbles.


Mix the lovely soapy bubbles with the blue water colour…..


until you have lovely blue soapy bubbles.  Now you can use these lovely blue soapy bubbles…..


to make lovely blue  soapy waves!


For version 3, you need to make your paper a nice watery blue…..


before taking a big pinch of salt (yes; really!)…..


and sprinkling it…..


all over the wet paint.


And there you have it; proper salty waves!    


And now we have a whole ocean full of un-du-la-ting waves.  But you will have to wait until next week to see what we plan to do with our ocean; meanwhile, I shall ship my anchor and sail off towards the horizon…..







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