Wednesday, 29 February 2012

how not to lose your mittens

Nicki pestered and pestered his grandmother until she made him a pair of white woollen mittens.


‘You’ll lose them,’ she warned him.  ‘If you go out to play and drop one, you won’t see it against the white of the snow.’

And guess what.  She was right.


Did you spot the dropped mitten?  Nicki didn’t!

Well we decided we wouldn’t lose our mittens.  Because we would design some nice bright patterned ones!

First we needed to trace a mitten shape.  Just a little bit bigger than a friend’s hand.


Next, choose the brightest markers you can and begin your design.


Zig-zags and spots…..


triangles and squares…..


loops and squiggles.


Many colours…..


or just two.


Just so long as they are brightly coloured – and not plain lost-in-the-snow white!

Next, get out the scissors – and snippety snip…..


cut out your mitten.


There – what do you think?



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