Thursday, 3 November 2011

how well I know our school - part 2

Remember this…..


this, maybe…..


or this?


How, back at the start of this unit of inquiry (it was at the beginning of September, in case you were wondering) we placed ourselves on a con-tin-u-um (that’s 4 claps by the way).  Most of us then felt we didn’t know much about our school…..


some of us said we knew our school quite well and only two people said they knew it really well.

Well, what a difference a few weeks makes!

Today, we asked ourselves the same question; how well, we wondered, do I know our school now

Down to the gym we trouped, trip-trap, trip-trap.

After a bit of a think, across the floor we shuffled slip-slap, slip-slap, to position ourselves on the (4-clap) con-tin-u-um.

Pity the poor lonely ‘I don’t know much about our school’ sign!


Three people…..


now know our school quite well.

But look at that forest of feet jostling for position by the ‘I know our school really well’ sign!


Too many to count, I’d say!

Or are there?  Just to be sure, we used pretty pink post-its to post our names on the classroom con-tin-u-um (clap, clap, clap, clap).


And then most of them fell down again… post-its, they were (too much sticking on noses and cheeks and foreheads beforehand I fear!)  But (yes, you spotted it!) blu-tac to the rescue!

And here we have our 7-weeks-on con-tin-u-um (you know the drill by now!)

_MG_6025     _MG_6024     _MG_6023

You could probably say how many people there are now who know our school really well.  You might also be able to say how many people answered the question.  And who knows; you might even be able to say how many people have not (yet) taken part (because they were at EAL at the time).

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