Thursday, 2 February 2012

a bit of a closer look

You will have seen this post all about the different kinds of toys our grandparents played with.  Well, here now is a bit of a closer look at our own playthings.  On the chart, we each crossed out anything that we do not have.

Emily, for example…..


has dolls and puzzles and soft toys, but she does not have a kite or a spinning top.  Or a hobby horse.



also has dolls and puzzles and soft toys (but no kite, no spinning top and no hobby horse).  They both have building bricks (Lego) and figurines (Playmobil).



has soft toys (you might remember his handsome bear) and puzzles, but no dolls.  He has a Gameboy but does not have Lego or Playmobil.

No dolls either in Melchior’s toy collection.


But there are puzzles and soft toys, vehicles and Lego and Playmobil.  And he has a bike.  As well as  a scooter.



is also the owner of both bike and scooter, of Lego and Playmobil and toy vehicles.  He has  a Gameboy – but no dolls.  He is rather fond of plastic dinosaurs.

Our last look (here at least) is at Tim’s toys.


Lego but not Playmobil.  Modelling clay (Playdoh) puzzles and a kite, but no puppets .  Oh and he has a ball.  Quite possibly with a Manchester United logo on it (yes, you can buy them – I checked!)

We will continue to look at these surveys; I for one, am keen to know what is the most popular (kind of) toy amongst us – as compared with the most popular (type of) toy as mentioned by our grandparents.  And I am also rather interested to know how many of the children in my class already have an i-pad when I don’t!

What about you; what would you like to find out?

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