Wednesday, 1 February 2012

old or new?

Remember this furry chap?



And do you remember this Corduroy?


The first one the original illustration in the book by Don Freeman.  The second from a book written later.

Which one, I wondered, do the children in 1b prefer?  And why?

Well, Tim and Tanisha both prefer ‘old’ Corduroy.  And both for the same reason; they like his dark brown fur.   Alexis too likes ‘old’ Corduroy, but he likes him because he thinks he looks a little bit funny!  Three votes, then, for ‘old’ Corduroy.

But 8 children like ‘new’ Corduroy best.  Lakeisha likes his round face and Emily his shining fur.  Both Melchior and Joseph like the fact that he is fluffy and Nicholas thinks he is just pretty ‘cool’!

Our survey found that more children like ‘new’ Corduroy than ‘old’ Corduroy.

‘Old’ Corduroy is less popular than ‘new’ Corduroy.

What other true things can you say about what we found out?

Which Corduroy do you prefer?  And why?

Me?  I am rather drawn to ‘old’ Corduroy’s somewhat sad expression…..

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