Thursday, 23 February 2012

buddying up - with a difference

As you know, we each have a reading buddy from year two.  And by now, we have got to know them quite well.  I mean, some of us even know our buddy’s name!

Well, ‘Buddy Day’ is Tuesday and it just so happened that last Tuesday morning we had invited our parents in for an end-of-unit celebration of learning.

You might imagine that after all that sharing and celebrating, all we’d want to do with our buddies would be to sit quietly and enjoy a story or two.

Well, you imagined wrong!

It just so happened that the children in year two had invited their parents in the following week.   And they wanted to practise with us pretending to be their parents!  How could we refuse?  After all, by now we were experts, albeit from a perspective other than that of parent.

And of course, after they had had their turn sharing their work with us, we felt it only right that we share our work with them.







And pretty impressed they were too!


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