Thursday, 9 February 2012

a leap in the dark

Rose very kindly lent me a couple of toys from her home country of South Africa.  They were a car and a bicycle…..


made from wire.

We took a good look.  And then we looked some more.

And then (gasp!) we were asked to close our eyes.




Without peeping…..


we had a go at sketching one (or even both) of the two toys.  From memory.


And we were rightly proud of the results.


Have you ever tried sketching with your eyes closed?

Next (phew) we had the chance to sketch whilst looking.  Whilst looking both at the bicycle (or car)…..

_MG_1415     _MG_1419

and at the paper.

_MG_1414     _MG_1420

I wonder; do you think you could tell which of our sketches were done with our eyes open?

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