Thursday, 9 February 2012

did your granny have an i-pad when she was little?

Do you remember these two lists?

IMG_0803     IMG_0805

Toys our grandparents had and (some of) the toys we have.

Well, you will have noticed that there are some toys (such as a kite) that we have that our grandparents also had when they were little.  And you will also have noticed that there are some toys that we have that our grandparents did not have when they were little.

We decided to see if we could sort the toys into toys that there were ‘then’ and toys that there are ‘now’.

We used two hoops.  Two BIG hoops!  One with the label ‘then’ and one with the label ‘now’.


As you see, the kite needs to go in the overlapping bit (remember this?) because there were kites around when our grandparents were children and we have kites now.

What about dolls?  Do we have dolls now?




Hobby horses?


A bear?  A puzzle?  A ball?

IMG_1322 IMG_1323 IMG_1324

(You see now why we needed such BIG hoops!)

Let’s leave it there and have a go at sorting the rest on our own.  Snip out a picture…..

_MG_1325     _MG_1331

refer back to see where it should go…..


and glue it down in the right circle.

_MG_1320     _MG_1329

Now that we have sorted them, what do you notice about the toys only we have?


How are they different from the toys our grandparents had?  And why do you think that is?

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