Thursday, 2 February 2012

fluffy yellow ducks

Helga brought a book to school yesterday.  It was a book that her grown-up boys had when they were little.  Her boys enjoyed it so much that she thought we might like to read it.


It’s in German, but we thought we would probably be able to manage.  After all, Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen! 

The title of the book is Fluffy Yellow Ducks.  And did you notice?  There was some yellow fluff to feel.  It was very soft!

Flip the page and there is something else to feel.


Something brown and knobby.

Something that feels a bit like…..


brown, knobby toads.

We felt our way through scratchy (sharks), furry (koalas), scaly (iguanas) and sticky…..


(tree frogs).  What FUN it was!

We enjoyed trying to guess the animal from the feel.  We enjoyed turning the page to reveal what had been hidden.  It was like a feely guessing game!

Of course it got us thinking…..

Feely guessing games.  Ho hum.

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