Wednesday, 29 February 2012

brain storming

Our first ‘new unit’ activity involved a bit of brainstorming.  We asked two questions.

What is a story?


Why do people tell stories?

Here is what we thought of in answer to the first question…..


  • ‘a story is when you read a book’
  • ‘the author writes the book ‘
  • ‘some books don’t have words’
  • ‘a story has pictures’
  • ‘the author invents the story’
  • ‘people can copy stories’
  • ‘some people write fiction stories and some people write non-fiction stories’
  • ‘stories are what people write about’

and here are our ideas in answer to the second…..


  • ‘to make peace’
  • ‘for people to understand more things’
  • ‘for people to learn different languages’
  • ‘to help people remember what they saw’
  • ‘to help children grow and read and learn more things’
  • ‘for people to enjoy’
  • ‘so children can laugh’

Finally we each drew and wrote about the different ways in which people can tell stories.  As well as the more obvious reading from a book…..

IMG_2223     IMG_2226

which almost everybody thought of, one person told us her dad’s grandpa told her dad stories when he was little.

You can tell stories with puppets…..


and see stories on a TV.

You can write a short story on one piece of paper…..


make up a story or even copy a story.

People read stories on the smartboard…..


and act out stories.

People tell stories using actions…..


and by singing.

What a LOT ways of telling stories we thought of between us; I wonder if we will discover any more.

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