Thursday, 2 February 2012

from fluffy yellow ducks - to feely guessing games

Fluffy yellow ducks?  Feely guessing games.  Ho hum.

Take a look at this bag, bulging and overflowing with…..


all kinds of fabrics and materials.  There is slippery shiny filmy fabric, lacy, ribbed and woven fabric.  There is even some stretchy rubbery stuff.  All kinds of fabrics and materials that feel different from one another.

Backtrack a few days to this special afternoon.  One of the games that was brought in to share was a game called ‘Memory’.  A game where you have to try and find pairs of cards from memory.  Without looking.

How about if we have a go at making our own game of memory.  But instead of remembering…..perhaps we could try and feel the pairs.

You need to cut squares of card…..


and onto them you should glue…..


pairs (that’s two) of different fabrics and materials.

Pairs of things that feel different; things that have different textures.  Like this soft felt…..


and this knobby cleaning cloth.


And pairs of squares of scratchy sandpaper (thank you Momo!)


Eventually our four groups (for this was a work of co-op-er-a-tion) had a nice pile of pairs of feely cards in front of them.


And after a little ‘try out’ (pronounced a resounding success) we gave our games names.


Our next task is to work on a set of ‘rules’ so that others will be able to enjoy playing with us. 

Watch this space - and soon you will know how to play ‘The Game of Feeling’ and ‘Pick Feel’.  Not to mention ‘Find the Same’.

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