Wednesday, 8 February 2012

sticky things

And now, what else can we find out about magnets? Can we find some different things in the classroom that a magnet will stick to and maybe some that it won’t stick to?

A magnet sticks to the (metal) radiator…..


and a (metal) stool


but it does not stick to a (plastic) Lego train…..


or a (plastic) reading bin.


A magnet sticks to the (metal) blades of the scissors…..


but not to the (plastic) handles.

A magnet does not stick to the mirror…..


to the (glass) window…..


or to a (wooden) pencil…..


but it sticks to Ayesha’s (metal) hair clip!

_MG_1298_thumb _MG_1300_thumb

And oh my goodness, a magnet appears to stick to Yousouf’s (definitely not metal) ear…..


(but actually if you look closely, you might spot a second magnet; after all I expect you remember what Joseph told us earlier).

We did have a couple of other things that we found puzzling. For our magnets did not stick to the door handle…..


in spite of the fact that it is made of metal; nor to BĂ©atrix’s gold (also a kind of metal) chain…..


Does that mean, perhaps, that magnets stick to some kinds of metal rather than to anything that is made from metal ?

PS We recorded our findings.  Here are one or two examples.




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