Wednesday, 25 January 2012

an afternoon with a difference

Well, we had fun on Monday afternoon!  We had brought in some of our favourite games and we were going to teach our friends how to play them with us. 

Hiromi brought in a game I know; you probably know it too. 


Or perhaps I should say I know Uno. Uno it too.

This sight…..


and much giggling resulted from the game that Luna brought in.  Something to do with bright yellow bouncy eggs…..


which had to be secreted about your person according to the roll of a dice.

Joseph showed his friends how to play a game that looked to me like a farmyard version of Ludo…..


and Emily brought in this old favourite…..


with a board and counters made from wood…..


and one of these.


We had a French game called Qui est-ce?…..


a rather exciting (Dutch?) game called Klopjacht (courtesy of Tim)…..


in which the highlight was a magnetic police car which was made to race around corners (not to mention up kerbs) -

and a fascinating Japanese game brought in by Itaru…..


which involved dice that were moved across a board by being rolled over forwards, backwards or sideways a certain number of times and then jumped on top of an opponent’s dice.  A tiny bit like draughts I suppose.  And as if that was not enough, the characters on the uppermost face of each dice  were either for scissors, paper or stone.  It looked to be two games in one.  Which can’t be bad!

You won’t be surprised to hear that the afternoon got a Thumbs up from everyone.

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