Thursday, 26 January 2012

against grey skies

Look out of your window any time in the next few days and I am sure that you will be greeted by the same dull grey skies as we have seen during the last couple of weeks.  Can’t be helped I suppose; after all it is that time of year.


Look out of our classroom windows, and that grey will be criss-crossed with the browns and blacks (and mauves and russets) of bare wintry branches.


Open the door (wrap up warm first!) and listen carefully.  You might just hear the odd squeak and twitter of a hungry sparrow…..


or chaffinch, or hear the squawk of a greedy crow or magpie.

What we need is a bit of colour to liven up our view!  Some brightly coloured paper, snippety-snipped…..


into one small circle and a slightly larger oval.  Oh and a teeny tiny triangle too.  Next, a fistful of fluffy feathers, and then the finishing touch, a scritch and a scratch from a black marker – and here they come now, flying in from distant climes…..


and dropping down gently, legs outstretched…..


wings all a-flutter…..


and onto…..


our wintry branches…..


to brighten up our view.


Addendum: since taking these photos, there has been something of a deterioration in the weather; a chilly blizzard has speckled the grey with dots and spots of white.  If you wish to come along and see for yourself, don’t forget your mufflers and mittens!

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